Welcome to Compliance Mailbox
Our platform allows us to report on SUSPECTS of irregular or inappropriate behavior within an organization.
If you are an employee, customer or supplier of any of our clients, and you have been a witness or victim of any irregular or inappropriate behavior within your organization, we encourage you to make timely communication with us.
For your safety we inform you of the following:
  • Your communication will have at all times a character of CONFIDENTIAL.
  • It is preferable to make a communication identifying itself. If you wish you can make an ANONYMOUS communication, but we warn you that this will make it difficult to investigate the facts and prioritize the identified complaints.
  • When the communication is collected and analyzed by an independent third party, adequate measures have been established to guarantee the confidentiality of the caller at all times.
  • You can follow at any time the status of your communication with the identification number.
  • You will receive a response to your communication within a maximum period of one month.
In some cases, certain behaviors will not have the clear status of irregular, but their practice could present certain ethical doubts. For these cases, the Compliance Mailbox can be used as a CONSULTATION channel.
On the other hand, the platform allows to channel SUGGESTIONS, so that among all we can help the development of the entity on the pillars of compliance, ethics, integrity and good corporate governance.
This channel of complaint is property of Core Business Consulting, and therefore will be the company in charge of receiving and managing the communications made. In this sense, and to guarantee the confidentiality of the caller, this page does not use cookies.